Two women among six winners of Infosys Prize 2019 Bengaluru, Nov 7 (PTI) Two women are among thesix

Two women among six winners of Infosys Prize 2019 Bengaluru, Nov 7 (PTI) Two women are among thesix whobagged the 11th 'Infosys Prize 2019' that was announced byInfosys Science Foundation (ISF) on Thursday.

ISF announced the winners of the Infosys Prize2019 insix categories - Engineering and Computer Sciences,Humanities, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, PhysicalSciences and Social Sciences.

The prize celebrates the success of the recipients inscience and research by recognising their achievements ineachcategory, the foundation said.

The prize for each category comprises a goldmedal, acitation and a prize purse of USD 100,000 (or itsequivalentin Rupees) this year.

Sunita Sarawagi and Manjula Reddy are the two womenwho won the Infosys Prize under Engineering and ComputerScience and Life Sciences category respectively.

Sarawagi, an Institute Chair Professor, ComputerScience and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology,Bombay, is awarded for her research in databases, data mining,machine learning and natural language processing,and forimportant applications of these research techniques.

Reddy, a Chief Scientist, Centre for Cellular andMolecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, is awarded for herground-breaking discoveries concerning the structure of cellwalls in bacteria.

The Infosys Prize 2019 for Humanities is awarded toManu V Devadevan, Assistant Professor, School of Humanitiesand Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Mandiforhis original and wide-ranging work on pre-modern SouthIndia;for Mathematical Sciences it was awarded to SiddharthaMishra, Professor, Department of Mathematics, ETH Zrich, forhisoutstanding contributions to Applied Mathematics,particularlyfor designing numerical tools for solvingproblems in the realworld.

In the Physical Sciences category the prizewasawarded to G Mugesh, Professor, Department of InorganicandPhysical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science (IISc),Bengaluru, for his seminal work in the chemical synthesis ofsmall molecules and nano materials for biomedicalapplications; and in Social Sciences category it was awardedto Anand Pandian, Professor, Department of Anthropology,Krieger School of Arts & Sciences, Johns Hopkins Universityfor his imaginative work on ethics, selfhood and the creativeprocess.

A panel of accomplished jurors comprising renownedscholars and professors shortlisted the winners of InfosysPrize 2019 from 196 nominations, the foundation said.

The Jury Chairs of Infosys Prize 2019 are: ProfKaushik Basu (Social Science), Prof Arvind (Engineering andComputer Science), Prof Shrinivas Kulkarni (PhysicalScience),Prof Akeel Bilgrami (Humanities), Dr Mriganka Sur(Life Sciences), Prof Srinivasa S R Varadhan (MathematicalSciences).

Winner in the Physical Sciences category Professor GMugesh, who was present at the event, termed it as one of the'best moments' in his life.

Recalling that he came from a farmer's family from asmall village, with parents not formally educated, Mugeshsaid, 'I'm grateful to Infosys Foundation that has decided togive award in the area of interface of Chemistry and Biology,which is in my opinion very important.' 'We will be working two areas that is developingcompounds that can regulated biological system under diseaseconditions like Endothelial dysfunction, which is beginningofheart attack. Second area is developing compounds to treatstroke in neurodegeneration,' he added.

The winners will be awarded with 'Infosys Prize 2019'on January 7, 2020 in Bengaluru and Nobel laureate economistAmartya Sen will be the Guest of Honour at the event.

The Infosys Prize is awarded by the ISF, a not-for-profit trust set up in 2009.

The Trustees of the foundation include: SrinathBatni, K Dinesh, S Gopalakrishnan, N R Narayana Murthy,NandanNilekani, T V Mohandas Pai and Shibulal S D. PTI KSU RSSS SS