What's behind multi-tier COVID vaccine pricing? | Dr Dileep & Dr Jayalal Exclusive

Amid the covid-19 pandemic and rapid growth in the number of cases, 2 major factors that have created chaos and a fickle reputation of the flagbearers are vaccine shortage and pricing. Vaccine makers have been calling the shots for a while, and there's a noticeable difference in vaccine prices at various levels. The Centre has ensured access and affordability but instead negotiated prices for its own procurement. Healthcare and economic experts have questioned India vaccine policy as the ongoing fluctuation makes it blurry. There is a different price for the same vaccine being charged from the state and the Centre, and to bust the curiosity or help with a better understanding of the reason behind this multi-tier pricing Dr Dileep, director of IIPH Gandhi Nagar and Dr Jayalal, National President of the IMA tunes in to discuss about this issue.