Two succumb to black fungus in Shimla

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Nipun Jindal, spokesperson of Health Department of Himachal Pradesh (Photo/ANI)
Nipun Jindal, spokesperson of Health Department of Himachal Pradesh (Photo/ANI)

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) [India], May 28 (ANI): Two COVID-19 patients succumb to Mucormycosis, commonly known as Black Fungus, at Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) Shimla, on Friday.

"Two patients have died of black fungus while undergoing treatment at IGMC. Both the patients were male. One was from Hamirpur district, while the other was from the Kasauli area of Solan district. Both patients had diabetes ketoacidosis, and the black fungus had reached their brain". Dr Janak Raj, Senior Medical Superintendent of IGMC told ANI.

Speaking on the deaths, Nipun Jindal, spokesperson of Health Department of Himachal Pradesh, said: "The patient from Solan was a 49-year-old male. He had uncontrolled sugar along with kidney problems and was admitted to IGMC on May 22. While the other patient, from Hamirpur, was 38 years old. He had uncontrolled sugar and Ketoacidosis, and was admitted to IGMC on May 27."

He added that a total of 8 cases of Mucormycosis have been reported in the state, wherein Kangra and Hamirpur districts have reported three cases each, and two cases were reported from Solan.

"The common symptoms of black fungus include headache, pain in eyes, viewing two or blurry images, abnormal black discharge from the nose, nose bleed, and swelling on the face," Jindal informed.

He also added that Mucormycosis is generally found in patients with uncontrolled diabetes, or in the ones who have used steroids for a long period of time, or had a prolonged ICU stay.

"The patients who have had an organ transplant, cancer, or any such disease, and have been using immunosuppressants and steroids are also susceptible to black fungus," Jindal said.

Further, Jindal requested the people of the state to only take steroids and anti-fungal medication under the supervision of a doctor.

The first case of Mucormycosis in Himachal Pradesh was recorded on May 20, after which the disease was declared as an epidemic by the state government. The state has also recorded 20,184 active coronavirus cases, as per the data of Thursday. (ANI)