Two Muslim Brothers Perform Last Rites of Hindu Man Who Died of Covid-19 in Telangana

PV Ramana Kumar
·1-min read

In a humanitarian gesture, two young Muslim brothers performed the final rites of the body of a Hindu person who died of coronavirus in Telangana. This incident occurred in the Katepally village in the state’s Pedda Kodapgal Mandal. By performing the last rites of the body, the two brothers have set an example of communal amity at a time when crematoriums are overflowing with bodies of Covid-19 patients and even relatives are unable or unwilling to perform the last rites.

The deceased, Moghulaia, had taken ill a few days ago and tested positive for Covid-19. Following the diagnosis, he was taken to a hospital in Bhansuvada for treatment but did not make it. It was in the hospital that he breathed his last. Following his demise, Moghulaia’s family members refused to come in contact with his body or perform his last rites as they feared catching the virus.

It was then that two brothers, Shafi and Ali, came forward to perform the last rites of the deceased. Despite not being of any blood relation to Moghulaia, the brothers who run an ambulance carried his body to the nearest Hindu crematorium in Bhansuvada in their own hospital. They also performed his last rites as per Hindu rituals.

The act of kindness is being regarded as a win for communal harmony with many locals expressing surprise and joy and hailing the selfless gesture by the two brothers.

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