Two-faced snake seen in West Bengal shocks villagers and reminds us of the iconic Nitish -Lalu bond

We’ve either had a scary dream of weird two-faced demons and animals or watched them on the silver screen, however, for the villagers in West Bengal the heart-racing dream became a reality when they saw a tw0-faced snake seen.

According to a tweet by ANI, a double-faced snake was seen in the Ekarukhi village of West Bengal. ANI also tweeted pictures of the rare snake on Twitter.

The pictures show the snake sipping milk from a utensil.

The snake was seen by villagers travelling to Jagal, who first thought there were two snakes. Upon realizing that it was a single snake with two heads, they informed the forest officials. The First Vibe team was quick to reach the village.

Soon the news of a mystical two-faced snake spread in nearby villages and people gathered to watch it for themselves. The forest officials have taken the snake with them.

Funnily, the two-faced snake is also a reminder of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s rocky relationship over the years, and of course, the time when Kumar called himself ‘Chandan’ and Lalu a snake.

Both political leaders have had a very interesting relationship since the start. While Lalu has gone as far as calling Nitish his younger brother, Nitish has overstepped and called Lalu a venomous snake.

Even after a major fallout, the two end up going to each other to ask for support to form the government.

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