Two Dead and 80 Injured in Jallikattu Event in Tamil Nadu

A man in the audience “died of shock” when a bull ran towards him.

Two spectators died, one of them gored by a bull, and 80 persons were injured in the 'jallikattu' (bull taming) sport at M Pudur area of the Cuddalore district on Sunday, police said.

32-year-old Thirunavaukarasu, an engineering graduate, died on the spot after he was attacked by the bull, while another man, Bhaskar, who was 38-years-old, died of a heatstroke.

A total of 80 persons, mostly bull tamers, were injured in the event, they said.

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Most of the injured were treated as outpatients at the medical outpost set up at the venue, while a few others were hospitalised.

The sub-collector John Verghese had ordered the event to be stopped by 3:30 pm after considering the two deaths.

Of the 564 bulls that came to the event, 200 bulls hadn't been allowed to participate yet, when the organisers started to pack up the prizes.

The bull owners asked the organisers to at least distribute the prizes since they weren’t allowed to release the bulls. The organisers refused, and therefore, the owners and organisers clashed. The police brought it under control.

Most of the prizes, including motorbikes, were damaged in the violence, police said.

Ten persons have been detained in connection with the clash, they added.

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(With inputs from PTI.)

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