Two dead, 10 injured as groups clash in Kandla, say police

According to police, the clash occurred due to a long standing tiff between two families in Meetha port area.

Two persons were killed and 10 others were injured in a clash between two groups in Meetha port area of Kandla town in Bhuj Gandhidham East on Saturday afternoon.

Heavy police force was deployed at the residential colony near Meetha port in Kandla town on Saturday and Sunday after the clash around 1.30 pm on Saturday. According to police, the deceased are Mamad Yakub (26) and Dawood Ismail (40), both from Meetha port in Kandla town of Bhuj Gandhidham East. Six others are admitted to different hospitals in Bhuj Gandhidham East where their condition is stated to be critical.

Police said the clash occurred between people of two families in Meetha port, where weapons such as knives, swords, iron rods and stones were used by the two groups.

According to police, the clash occurred due to a long standing tiff between two families in Meetha port area. “However, the police did not receive any written complaint in the matter till the clashes took place on Saturday. We have arrested one person, Gani Haroon Memon, while two other accused of murder are still in hospital where their condition is critical. We are waiting for them to be discharged. Security has been tightened in the area and a team of 10 policemen are present 24/7 on rotation basis till the situation demands,” said Parixita Rathod, Superinten-dent of Police, Bhuj Gandhi-dham East.

Two First Information Reports (FIRs) have been filed against both families in the matter. According to the complainant in the first FIR, 55-year-old Ibrahim Siddiq, a resident of Meetha port, who is a relative of the two deceased, the clash occurred outside his house on Saturday afternoon.

“Gani Haroon Memon lives in my locality and he is former representative of ‘Kandla Muslim Samaj’ where he is entrusted to manage the ‘khairat’ (donation) money given to our community. However, due to allegations of corruption against him, he was ousted recently by my cousin Osman Hussain. Since then, Gani had enmity against me and threatened me on multiple instances. On Saturday afternoon, Gani and 17 of his relatives assembled outside my house with knives, swords, iron rods and stones and started abusing me. When my brothers and cousin tried to intervene, the group started attacking all of us. Ten members of my family suffered grievous injuries and my cousin, Mamad Yakub, and my brother-in-law, Dawood Ismail, were declared dead later at Seva Sadan Hospital. Three of my relatives, Anwar, Akbar and Gani are in hospital where they are in critical condition,” said Ibrahim.

Police have booked Gani and 17 others for murder, attempt to murder, assault, rioting and rioting with deadly weapons. Meanwhile, in the second FIR, Gani Haroon Memon, accused of murder, has levelled allegations against Ibrahim and his relatives, stating that the latter first attacked him, which resulted in four of his family members getting injured and ending up in hospitals.

Police have booked Ibrahim and 11 others for attempt to murder, assault, rioting and rioting with deadly weapon.