Two Cops Arrange Rs 5 Lakh For Little Girl's Open-Heart Surgery

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought life to a standstill and left many struggling to make ends meet. Karthik and Priyanka, a couple living in Guduvanchery, found themselves in a difficult situation when they realised their 5-year-old daughter Kavishka needed an open heart surgery. Unfortunately Karthik was laid off after the lockdown was put into effect and could not arrange for the money. That's when two Chennai police officers stepped in and saved the day.

Nandambakkam head constable P Senthil Kumar and police inspector M Thangaraj helped arrange for Rs 5 lakhs for the daughter's open heart surgery, reported The New Indian Express. Interestingly, Senthil lives right next door to Karthik and Priyanka.

Kavishka has a chronic heart issue and has been on medication since birth. Just before the lockdown, in February, the doctors had adviced Karthik to get an angiogram done for his daughter.

However, Karthik did not have the money for it so he decided to postpone it. Upon hearing this, Senthil decided to help the family out by donating Rs 30,000.

Once the angiogram was done, the doctors revealed that Kavishka required an open heart surgery as soon as possible.

Karthik and Priyanka were initially hesitant to ask Senthil for help again. However, Senthil heard about the developments from his neighbours and joined hands with police inspector M Thangaraj. The duo then figured out a way to collect the required amount through various sources.

They collectd Rs 45,000 from personnel at the police station, Rs 1.25 lakh were acquired through a government welfare scheme and the remaining amuount through other generous sponsors.

In June, Kavishka was finally able to get the surgery. She was in the ICU for 15 days. After spending a month in the hospital where she was recovering, she was discharged on Saturday night.

Speaking to The New India Express, Karthik said, “I have had some very bad experiences with police personnel when I was young. I never thought a man in khaki would actually save my child.”

(With inputs from The New Indian Express)

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