Two brothers in Madhya Pradesh grow world's heaviest mango variety Amrapuri and simply delicious Sensation

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Mangoes growing in Rameshwar and Jagdish's orchard (Photo/ANI)
Mangoes growing in Rameshwar and Jagdish's orchard (Photo/ANI)

Dhar (Madhya Pradesh) [India], July 3 (ANI): Two orchardist brothers residing in Madhya Pradesh's Rajpura village have been growing over 50 varieties of mangoes which include the world's heaviest mango Amrapuri and a variety from Florida's Mexico called 'Sensation' that is simply delicious.

The fruit-growers Rameshwar and Jagdish own a huge patch of land that was passed over to them by their father and has about 1,000 trees.

The brothers claim that the world's heaviest mango - Amrapuri -- a popular variety from Afghanistan, is grown in their orchard and weighs 4.5 kg each. "These mangoes from a single tree take different shapes. Also, they taste really good," Rameshwar said.

Another variety of mango from Florida's Mexico called 'Sensation' is also grown in their orchard, he said. "It was first grown in Florida in 1921. These mangoes taste delicious," Rameshwar told ANI.

"In the Indian market, these Sensational mangoes are sold at Rs 1,000 per kg," he added.

"I have toured India and collected a large variety grown in India and abroad," Rameshwar said.

He said his orchard includes a wide variety of mangoes from across the nation including West Bengal's Malda and Himsagar, Gujarat's Kesar mango, Uttar Pradesh's Langra mango, Chaunsa mango from Bihar and Himachal Pradesh.

Rameshwar said, "We have customers from different states who directly contact us. There are some in Dubai too, since they know we grow these mangoes organically." (ANI)

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