The Two Best Features That Make OPPO ColorOS 7 A Worthy Upgrade

The launch of OPPO’s new operating system (OS) has got everyone in tech circles buzzing with excitement. Well, it’s not a completely OS but users have seen some nifty improvements after upgrading to ColorOS 7, the latest iteration of OPPO’s custom user interface built on Android 10. Read on to know how the OS helps to secure your digital life and learn how to install it on your OPPO device.

Uncompromised Privacy Features

With privacy being a top concern in tech circles, it’s great to see an OS that actually works in users’ favour. From Permission Management to Privacy Protection and Harassment and Fraud Prevention among others, the options to safeguard users’ privacy is a top feature of ColorOS. Encrypt your files and apps to prevent others from snooping around. Use apps without giving away your data with Personal Information Protection that sends out blank information instead of your data to apps requesting access.

Take Control Of Your Apps

Privacy has turned into one of the biggest concerns for smartphone users. Whether it’s getting scammed or hacked into, the need to utilise privacy-driven features is only going up; which is exactly what ColorOS 7 is geared to do.

ColorOS 7 offers viewers a clear view of permissions given that can be turned on and off with a simple swipe. The Permission Management feature sorts permissions according to different data types and apps. The feature allows you to have a degree of control over apps that ask for access to different types of data on your phone to function. For example, if you don’t want to share your location with certain apps, you can simply lock them out with a swipe.

The tool can also be used to control pop-up notifications and floating windows, thereby helping you enhance your productivity without getting distracted at regular intervals.

Users also have a fail-proof option of keeping their private and sensitive files hidden from others with Private Safe. This is an important feature that allows you to secure your data away from prying eyes. Files that are added to the Safe – images, audio or video – are encrypted and won’t be visible in any other folder. No more fearing your folks will take a peek at your party pictures from last night!

Not just that, ColorOS 7 also uses the App Lock feature to lock sensitive apps that can only be opened with a passcode or fingerprint. It is highly recommended to use this feature to secure banking and personal apps as well as important files stored on apps like DocVault (more on that below).  This feature comes in handy in a lot of situations where someone you don’t trust has your phone, or even in a family with a communal phone, and where everyone maybe does their tasks on the same phone. With this feature, your privacy will be maintained and your apps will stay locked, no matter what happens or whoever uses it.

Your financial security gets a further upgrade with Payment Protection that scans the payment gateway being used with the system and app being used to carry out the transaction to prevent fraudulent transactions. This helps to shut down payments occurring over non-secure networks where your card data could be misused. ColorOS 7 also identifies unknown numbers in order to block spam calls and prevent frauds right at the source.

Digilocker Support Added

With its built-in Digilocker app, OPPO has introduced DocVault support with ColorOS 7 for the Indian market to push the paperless revolution.

DocVault is the only app you need to upload your personal documents to. Whether it’s your PAN Card or Aadhaar or driving license and even your boarding passes for your upcoming flight, your documents are considered authentic if they’re on DocVault. There’s no further verification needed once your documents are uploaded on DocVault.

So the next time you’re checking in for your flight or a hotel stay, are stopped by traffic police or need to show documents to an authorised person, just open the DocVault app and you’re good to go.

How To Apply For ColorOS 7 Trial Version

With both these features, along with many other major upgrades, set to play an important role in your digital life, all that remains to be done is to upgrade your OPPO smartphone to ColorOS 7. Here’s a step by step guide on applying for the trial version now available on certain smartphones.

If you are using OPPO Reno 2, Reno 10X Zoom, Reno, F11 and F11 Pro smartphones, go to ‘Settings - Software Upgrades’, tap the settings icon in the upper right corner, tap ‘Trial Version’, fill in the information, select the must-know checkbox, and tap ‘Apply Now’. Wait for a couple of hours, then go back to the Software Upgrades it will show there’s now a new version detected, click ‘Download Now’. Once downloaded, install ColorOS 7 and enjoy the smooth and secure OS built for you.