Two arrested for extortion and black marketing of railway tickets

New Delhi, July 01 (ANI): The railway unit of Delhi Police has arrested two extortionists who used to lure helpless travellers by providing confirmed train tickets at extremely high rates and extort money from them. Complainant Menchand Kumar reported to the police that he had to go to Chennai by GT Express but he did not get a confirmed ticket. He met a person at New Delhi Railway Station who took him to a shop in Kamala Market and took Rs 3600 from him for a confirmed train ticket of GT Express and asked him to come after 3-4 hrs. When the complainant reached his office, the alleged persons asked him to deposit Rs 15000 for the ticket. He put the complainant under fear and managed to extort Rs 12000. Victim contacted police and narrated the incident. The police team started investigation and, and they apprehended the boy namely Shashi Bhushan. During sustained interrogation Shashi revealed the name of his associate Hemant who was nabbed later. Both the accused persons have confessed to their crime. They said that, as per demand of travellers, they used to book tickets of famous trains in different age groups to sell them in black. They kept eye on people desperately looking for confirmed tickets.

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