Two Armed Men Attempt to Rob Bank, Get Thrashed by Gurugram Mob

Two armed robbers who broke into a State Bank of India kiosk in Gurugram were brutally thrashed by the public on Monday. The duo first posed as customers and entered the bank in the Cyber city area at around 1 pm. After discovering that only two women employees were on duty, the thieves pulled out their pistols and demanded all the cash they had.

But Bimla Yadav and her co-worked refused to cow down. Even as one of the men pointed a gun to her temple, Yadav reportedly snatched it away and raised an alarm. A mob that rushed into the bank launched a scathing attack on the two. First with chairs, then with a white board. In no time at all, the two partners in crime were pinned to the ground. Later police arrived at the scene and took the robbers away.

Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim