Twitter Wasted No Time In Ripping Apart Modi-Shah's 'Press Conference'


At the fag end of Narendra Modi’s tenure as prime minister, the unexpected happened. He addressed a press conference. His first ever since he became PM in 2014. 

Unlike demonetisation and India’s shooting down a satellite, there was no nail-biting wait for Modi to appear on TV. Instead, Modi just casually sat beside BJP president Amit Shah like this was an everyday affair and not something so rare that newsrooms around the country were waiting with bated breath, waiting to see if he would speak or not. 

And then, Modi gave a speech like he normally does and laughingly deflected all questions to Amit Shah.

Modi has often been mocked for his “scripted” interviews so of course people reminded him of that.

Since Modi and the BJP have often mocked former PM Manmohan Singh, comedian Kunal Kamra and others seized the opportunity.

Some compared it to Gavaskar- Srikant batting. 

And another  had a pertinent doubt.

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