Mumbai Police Targets Fraudsters with Biblical 'Google Search' Tweet, Netizens in Splits

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A photo of a Google search pop-up of Mumbai Police wanting to know the location of the person who had typed 'How to cheat people' on the search engine has been going viral.

A new tweet by Mumbai Police, known for their wicked sense of humour and witty posts, has left netizens in splits. On Sunday, the social media of Mumbai Police tweeted, playing on the Biblical line from Matthew 7:7 - 8 (the seventh and eighth verses of the seventh chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament) "seek and you shall find", with the “If you seek trouble, trouble is exactly what you will find.”

The tweet was accompanied by a pop-up of Mumbai Police wanting to know the location of the person who had typed "How to cheat people" on Google.

The witty tweet left netizens in splits, with many loving the fact that the Mumbai Police was at it again on social media.

One person wrote, "Haha .... Now who wants to know how to cheat people."

Another tweeted, "Haven't they left the country, recently...Let me know if you need their names..."

Another person likened the search topic to the Mumbai University scamming students and wrote, "This is Mumbai University for sure, scamming students through atkt, revaluation fees and results."

A fourth user even went on to write, "If Mumbai Police investigates, how Netas became super rich, they might find the answer."

Here's what others wrote:

Known for their witty social media tweets, the Mumbai Police had created some humour earlier in the month, when they congratulated the Indian squad for defeating Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup match on Sunday at the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester. Post team India's win, the Mumbai Police tweeted, "Didn’t we tell you, following the signals always helps?"