Twitter Turns Nostalgic after Zomato Tweets about Pani Puri Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

The country is undergoing a nationwide 21-day lockdown since March 25. While it is true that this was unavoidable and has been done in the public interest, it cannot be denied that it has disrupted the day to day life of people, in general.

Amidst the lockdown food delivery company, Zomato took to micro-blogging site Twitter to share a rather hilarious post.

“We hope everyone is doing okay without Pani puri, please stay strong we can get through this,” the brand tweeted.

Pani Puri or Puchka, Gol Gappa etc are different names of the same food item. The dish, which is an inevitable part of street food, is widely loved across the country. It is obvious that lovers of the dish have not been able to have it for a while now and there is no hope of the same before April 14, either.

It comes as no surprise that after the tweet, netizens could not hold their excitement and started sharing memes and cravings of the same.

A user said, “NO I AM NOT OKAY but thank you for asking”

Another user shared a picture of homemade pani puri. In the picture, one can see all the ingredients that go in its making placed on the dining table. Captioning the tweet, the person said, “Say what?”

In another tweet, a user quizzed the brand as to why was there no mention about momos. She said, “Why aren't we talking about momos”

Other reactions included: