AAP Ka Kya Hoga: Twitter Trolls Tear into Kejriwal After Goa Loss

The fine, which is 65 times the license fee, will go on increasing if AAP doesn’t vacate the office.

Arvind Kejriwal’s party suffered a chastising defeat in Goa, as his Aam Aadmi Party failed to win a single seat. The AAP were soundly defeated by both the BJP and the Congress, despite the sizeable campaign.

Twitter was not willing to give the Delhi Chief Minister a break, and tore into his party strategy failing, poor decision making, and the resounding nature of his loss.

After it became clear that the AAP wasn’t winning even a single seat, Twitter slowly started making Kejriwal their number one target.

The tweets quickly took a dark turn, highlighting the sheer extent of the AAP’s defeat.

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The Twitterati did not forget about the confidence Kejriwal displayed before the elections.

They even drew in from current events.