A Twitter thread recounts how GoT author George RR Martin made a dying fan’s day

The emotional story about his late friend meeting his hero has left people teary-eyed online.

Even as the final season of Game of Thrones keeps fans on the edge around the world, the author of the book, George RR Martin, is winning hearts online for an incident from years ago. As it turns out, without even knowing it, Martin fulfilled a dying man’s wish and had dinner with him. The man’s friend shared the incident on Twitter, and it has been going viral.

In a long twitter thread, the man’s friend, who is also the producer of hit NBC drama This is Us, shared the story of his late friend Alex Hanan running into Martin at a Broadway show in 2017.

What producer Dan Fogelman believed would turn into an embarrassing night for two fans ultimately turned out to be a moment that they never forgot - in part, because Hanan died not long after the encounter.

"Over a year ago a close buddy and I get to see Springsteen's Broadway show. It's a big deal for us. My buddy, Alex, gets there super early, because he's excited, and calls me as I'm in a cab heading there," the show’s writer wrote online.

"He's talking a mile a minute. While waiting outside the theater, he has spotted George R. Martin. He says he's going to go talk to him. I beg him not to. He hangs up on me," Fogelman added.

Even though Fogelman begged him not to approach Martin thinking it might be embarrassing, he knew his GoT-obsessed friend would never miss this opportunity. So, not only he did he talk to Martin and get his phone number, but also secured an invitation for pizzas after the show!

Although the ‘This Is Us’ creator was doubtful, it all ended beautifully and the duo did get to share a meal with Martin and his wife. And as a bonus, Hanan also got a Westeros coin!

However, the story quickly took a sad turn as Fogelman revealed what Martin didn’t know — Hanan was fighting stage four lung cancer. As he passed away a year later, Fogelman said how his dying friend never stopped talking about their night with his "hero".

Reminiscing about his friend, the NBC show creator said how he missed his friend and thanked Martin for making his friend’s last yer beautiful.

A Twitter user also found the photo that Hanan took with Martin that evening and shared it in response to one of the tweets in the thread.

The Twitter thread left many fans teary-eyed and many thanked him for sharing the touching story.