Twitter is thinking of bringing an easier way to swipe to its Lists feature

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Remember the Lists feature on Twitter that allows users to create custom timelines? Where they can add any Twitter user even if they don't follow them? It was quite a useful feature for power users that gave them more control over how they wanted their timeline to look like. And now Twitter is bringing back its attention to this underrated feature.

Lists have its own timeline, so the accounts added to these lists don't appear in the user's default timeline. Users don't have to follow every account that's added to these lists, keeping the default timeline limited to what the user normally follows. Essentially, Twitter power users who explore different topics and want to keep a tab on the concerned accounts, this is a brilliant feature. However, Lists aren't really that easily accessible and users need to do some digging to get to their custom-created lists.

Twitter posted a tweet mentioning that it has been thinking about making Lists easier to access. For now, this feature will be rolled out to a selected few users who have been added as testers.

As seen in the GIF posted by Twitter, the home timeline shows dashed lines on the top dedicated to each list, something similar to how Stories are displayed in Instagram and Snapchat. With a simple left swipe, users will be able to browse through all their custom timelines from the main timeline.

It still isn't clear whether this feature will be actually pushed out to the public version of Twitter. Currently, it's only available to a limited number of testers who have opted in to test such experimental features.

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