Twitter Tears Into Sean Spicer, Pepsi and United Airlines

Following a turbulent half-year run as White House press secretary, Spicer is leaving the building. 

PR disasters from Pepsi, United Airlines and US Secretary of State Sean Spicer, have dominated the news in the last week, and Twitterati, in true Twitterati fashion, have pulled no punches in response.

Pepsi’s controversial Kendall Jenner ad, United Airlines’ assault of a passenger and Sean Spicer’s comments on Hitler and the Holocaust have created a veritable firestorm of hatred, which Twitter has responded to in the only way they know how –through memes.

Twitter user @ChrisMelberger tweeted out an image encapsulating the three PR debacles in one meme.

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Twitter took note and characteristically added fuel to the fire.

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In addition to being the US Secretary of State, Spicer has already been serving as the darling of the Twitter trolls.