Twitter Schools Amruta Fadnavis After She Calls Modi ' Father Of Our Country’

Rohini Chatterji
Amruta Fadnavis

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s wife Amruta Fadnavis tweeted an over-the-top birthday wish to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it has people on Twitter all riled up. 

While sharing a video of her dramatic rendition of the song Iktara from Wake Up Sid, surrounded by little children singing the chorus along with her, she tweeted calling Modi the ‘Father of our country’. 

The CM of Maharashtra is seen clapping vigorously, clearly proud of his wife’s performance. 

Twitter users criticised Fadnavis for calling him the ‘Father of our country’ because its an honorific used primarily for Mahatma Gandhi.

Here’s what people said: 

Some people demanded an apology.

Others called her a sycophant. 

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