Twitter Restores Blue Verified Tick Of Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu's Personal Handle

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Microblogging site Twitter has restored the verified badge on Indian vice-president M Venkaiah Naidu’s personal handle (@MVenkaiahNaidu) a few hours after unilaterally removing it on Saturday morning.

The social media giant’s decision caused much uproar on its platform as several users frowned upon this move, leading the Jack Dorsey-led company to retreat swiftly. Meanwhile, the vice president's official handle (@VPSecretariat) continues to have the blue badge next to it.

As it is widely referred to, the blue tick provides a sense of authenticity to the accounts of public figures who are prone to having to deal with multiple fake accounts that go around using their names.

Twitter states that it can remove the verification badge provided that a user engages in severe and repeated violation of its rules, practices abusive behaviour, or fails to abide by its hateful conduct policy, glorification of violence policy, private information policy etc.

Reportedly, the blue tick was taken off from the Vice President’s personal handle due to inactivity. However, The Economic Times has reported that many users posted screenshots of handles that still have the badge associated with them despite not being active on the platform for more than a year.

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