RaGa’s Michelle Obama Remark Has Twitterati Scratching Their Heads

Delete your speechwriter, say Twitterati on Rahul Gandhi’s sexist remark on Michelle Obama.

Rahul Gandhi has done it again. He is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time, he has gone and run his mouth at a rally in Jaunpur.

On 6 March, while addressing the rally in the context of making Jaunpur a manufacturing hub, Rahul Gandhi went and made a Michelle Obama reference.

Before we break our heads over the possible relation between UP elections, Jaunpur and the US’ former First Lady Michelle Obama, let’s take a look at what it was that he actually said:

Rahul Gandhi at a rally in JaunpurJab Obama ji ki patni America mein apni rasoi mein kuch pakaye, patilon ko dekh kar kahein sundar patila hai, aur patile pe likha ho ‘Made in Jaunpur.’ (When Obama’s wife prepared food in her kitchen in the States, she would admire the utensils. And these admirable utensils would be engraved with the words: ‘Made in Jaunpur’)

RaGa’s Comment Labelled Sexist

The absurdity of the reference and the out-of-place ‘Made In Jaunpur’ thing aside, the sexist overtone of the comment did not go un-spotted. Rahul Gandhi’s assumption that Michelle Obama, being a woman, would inevitably find herself admiring kitchenware, didn’t sit well with many.

#RaGaWallaObama Is Now A Thing

All those who are already desensitised to Rahul Gandhi’s frequently questionable comments in public places have decided to get a good laugh out of this. As soon as the news about the speech made headlines, #RaGaWallaObama started trending in no time.

It hasn’t even been a month since the Congress Vice President came under fire on social media for his animated full form of SCAM. Seriously though, who writes his speeches?