Twitter Reacts to Imran Khan’s Comment on Feminism & Motherhood

"A mother has (the) biggest influence on a person ...a real mother, that is. I completely disagree with this Western concept, this feminist movement... it has degraded the role of a mother...when I was growing up, my mother had the most impact on me.”" - Imran Khan to Hum News (Pakistan)

Former cricketer turned politician Imran Khan has landed himself in a major controversy in light of his recent comment on the “Western concept of the feminist movement’’. The Tehreek-e-Insaf party leader said that the Western notion of feminism degrades the role of a mother.

His remarks did not go down well with most users on social media. Some even claimed that he does not even have a shallow understanding of feminism, leave alone an “in-depth’’ one.

“Irresponsible and Misleading for Young People.”

“Expected of Him...”

While a lot of users were lashing out, some said that they are not too surprised with the comments as it is pretty much “expected”of him.

“Feminism is Nothing Without Motherhood...”

There were also some people who supported Khan’s statement:

There were some who pointed out that his ex-wife is an outspoken feminist and a great mother. Is there a lesson there?

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