Twitter Reacts to Central Vista as COVID Claims Lives Across India

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Lutyens' Delhi has always been the heart of the city and has attracted the attention of Delhites and those who travel to the city from around the country.

Rajpath, India Gate and lush green trees have been a spot for cyclists, those who like to jog and walk, and tourists for decades. Here's what the area looked like before Central Vista Project began.

What is Central Vista?

The Central Vista Redevelopment project is a pet project of the Narendra Modi government estimated to cost around Rs 20,000 crore. It aims to redevelop 3.2 km of land around the heart of Central Vista in Lutyens' Delhi which is the administrative centre of the Central government.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Delhi rose, a lockdown was declared by the state government, but the construction at Central Vista was categorised as "essential services" by the Centre.

Here's what the area looks like now...

Many on social media spoke about the timing of the redevelopment project and questioned its categorisation as "essential".


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