Twitter Puts Up Billboards in NYC With Iconic Tweets That Aptly Sum Up 2020

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Twitter has decided to cancel the year 2020 and has got hilarious tweets from iconic American singer Dionne Warwick and others on billboards to establish this point.

The streets of New York were in for a surprise recently as Twitter decided to put up billboards of the iconic tweets that summed up the year 2020.

As part of Twitter’s ‘end-of-year out-of-home’ campaign, the social media platform picked some sarcastic, honest, and ridiculous tweets from its users. 80-year-old Dionne’s hilarious tweet asked its followers to not bring the foolishness of 2020 into 2021. This was one of the tweets to make it to a billboard that was put up in New York. It should be noted that Dionne has emerged as a twitter star, known for her sarcastic and humorous tweets.

In an earlier tweet, the singer asked CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey if she is the CEO of Twitter. Jack promptly responded to Dionne’s query and affirmed that she indeed is.

Another tweet that was put up for the streets of New York was by a user named Lauren Lablue. It said that if 2020 was a person, it would be their ex.

The tweets also captured what most of us are expecting and not expecting from 2021. One tweet requested 2021 to not ask 2020 to hold their beer.

Some billboards mentioned a few rules that must be followed in 2021. With most of the events, plans, and vacation trips being cancelled in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are apprehensive and paranoid about the upcoming year and the adventures that it might bring with it. This has been perfectly summed up in these billboards tweets by Aleem Williams. Another tweet in this series of end-of-year out-of-home campaigns read that people should forget the existence of 2020 and delete it from their records and memories forever. The tweet was posted by social media influencer and YouTube star, Denzel Dion. The social media company has also put up billboards and murals in other American cities like Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco/Oakland to promote itself. The idea is to show how the microblogging site became a place for people to share their anxieties, fears and expectations in a year that took us all by surprise with a deadly pandemic. According to Twitter, the top hashtag used by the most people this year was #COVID19 and the hashtag, and other variations of it were tweeted nearly 400 million times. While the second most-Tweeted hashtag of the year was #BlackLivesMatter.