Twitter mourns the death of another key character on 'The Walking Dead'

On The Walking Dead, Father Gabriel and Dr. Carson were oh so close to The Hilltop when the Saviors caught up to them, and Dr. Carson did something incredibly stupid: He reached for one of the Savior’s guns and got himself killed.

Carson was just the latest in a string of doctors who have met their demise on The Walking Dead — as fans were quick to point out.

Others were more concerned about Maggie and her baby.

Though you never know what’s going to happen on The Walking Dead, it looks like Siddiq, the man Carl was saving when he was bitten by a walker, might save the day. After he and the Alexandrians made it to The Hilltop, he told Maggie that he has some medical experience and would like to help.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Check out fans’ reaction to a gruesome new way to kill walkers on The Walking Dead:

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