Twitter Love Stories Trend Under #WeMetOnTwitter, BUT It’s the Funny Single Memes and Jokes That Are Winning the Internet

Team Latestly

Twitter is in a lovey-dovey mood today! #WeMetOnTwitter is trending with people sharing how they met their SOS via this social media platform. But guess what's more interesting than the stories? The singles online have come up with the best memes and jokes to deal with the "attack" on Facebook, and that, my friend, is better than anything on Twitter, rn. Let's admit it, sharing your perfect love stories on how you met your romantic partner on Twitter can be tragic for all the singles who are probably sobbing in one corner of their rooms today. Have you thought about that? No, because you only think about yourself! Funny Backbenchers Memes and Jokes Are Bringing Back School Memories; Twitter Won’t Let Go off the Meme Trend.

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But single have their ways straight, and they know how to channelise their inner sadness via funny memes and jokes. Here are some of the hilarious jokes and memes that singles are sharing on Twitter:


On Behalf of All Singles

This is Outrageous

*Crying Continues*


Ghar Chod Ke Ja Raha Hu...

Am I a Joke To You?

Me, RN

Seh Lenge



Well, there is nothing much we can do about it but LOL at these funny memes and jokes. Recently, the 'WiFi Drops by One Bar' meme trend took over the internet. The memes are all about how when the video quality on streaming apps goes for a toss. The pixelated screen is very annoying to look at right? So netizens have made funny collages on the quality drop after the WiFi goes down.