Twitter Erupts as Video of Telangana Cop Kicking Man Grieving Over Daughter’s Death Goes Viral


In a disturbing video that went viral on social media, a cop from Telangana was caught kicking a distressed father who had just lost his teenage daughter. The constable, from Sangareddy district, was seen kicking and dragging the father on the ground after he tried to prevent the body from being moved for autopsy.

A 17-year old student from Narayana Residential College in Velimala, outskirts of Hyderabad, allegedly committed suicide on Tuesday. But, the family has alleged that the management killed the teenager and framed it as a suicide.

According to the mother of the deceased, the girl had been unwell and had complained of high fever two days ago. The family says that the hostel authorities had paid no heed to her. Few hours later, around noon, the hostel informed the family that the girl hanged herself in the hostel bathroom.

The family, which has been crying foul over the incident, obstructed to the body being moved to the Patancheru Government Hospital for an autopsy and demanded justice for the girl and stringent action on the management. As the police tried to shift the body from the hostel, the father reportedly stopped the police and lay in front of the freezer in an attempt to prevent the body from being taken out.

Following the father's protest, constable Sridhar from the local Police Station kicked the him, manhandled and dragged him to the ground - all of which was captured in the viral video.

Netizens have demanded strict action on the Police and have called them out for their insensitive behavior.

“What was the urgency of the police to move the body of the girl in such haste. Can’t they even handle the bereaved parents in a kind manner based on the situation? Friendly Policing?” a user with Twitter handle ‘kcprau’ said.

Another user termed the video as “very disturbing." "This kind of behavior is unacceptable. Hope proper action is taken against those policemen.”

Nevertheless, Superintendent of the Police from Sangareddy district justified the action saying said that Police were preventing the law from being taken into their hands.

“The police were trying to prevent the agitators taking law into their own hands at the mortuary, yet suitable action will be taken for any wilful misbehavior exhibited by the officers on duty, as alleged in the video,” Sangareddy SP Chandana Deepthi tweeted on Wednesday.

The constable was attached to the headquarters and a departmental enquiry has been initiated against him.

Student Unions and family and relatives have been protesting against the College management demanding action on the issue.