Twitter’s ‘Don’t drink and Tweet’ triggers hilarious reactions online

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Many who came across the tweet related to it with hilarious and witty comments. Twitter too replied to several of the comments with equally willy replies.

Taking inspiration from the popular traffic safety phrase "Don't drink and drive", microblogging site Twitter shared something similar which has captured the attention of Twitterati.

“Don’t drink and Tweet,” the microblogging site tweeted from their official handle on January 11. Though people are not quite sure why the company came up with the tweet, it has garnered over 3 lakh likes since it has been shared.

While many who came across the tweet reacted to the tweet with hilarious and witty comments, the company also replied to several of those with equally witty replies. Take a look at some reactions here:

It is not unusual of Twitter to push out funny and witty tweets every once in a while. The company, on January 1, tweeted saying, "New decade, drink water". This post garnered over 2 lakh likes.