Twinkle Khanna Wishes Hema Malini, Not Dimple Kapadia, was Her Mother. Here’s Why
Watch Dimple Kapadia dance with happy abandon to Bobby’s signature tune in the streets of Italy.

Known for not mincing any words, actor-turned-author Twinkle Khanna shared some funny personal anecdotes yet again, this time at the launch of her third book, and first novel, Pyjamas are Forgiving.

At the book release event on Friday, filmmaker Karan Johar — who is also one of her oldest friends — tuned host. When he asked her why she dedicated the book to her mother Dimple, she said, “She (Dimple Kapadia) was rather surprised when she found out that I dedicated this book to her because she has never encouraged me in anything. She has always tried to pick faults. When I first started writing columns, one of them became very popular and I called her up and asked, ‘Mom, you know my column is doing really well. Have you read it?’ She said – ‘No, but I wanted to tell you over dinner last night that none of your serving dishes match.”

When Karan looked bemused, the 43-year-old continued, “I was so pissed off with her that I said ‘What’s the use of having you as a mother? I wish Hema Malini was my mother. At least I would get a Kent water purifier free.”

The book launch was a star-studded affair with several of Twinkle’s celeb friends and family members in attendance, including husband Akshay Kumar, mother Dimple, actors Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Bobby Deol and his wife Tanya Deol.

On Tuesday, Twinkle took to Instagram to share that Pyjamas are Forgiving was ranked No. 1 on the Crossword fiction list and No. 2 on Amazon. “Hurrah! And It really seems to be my day! Guess who is at No 1 at Crossword and No 2 on Amazon,” she captioned an image of her books stacked at a Crossword bookstore.

Twinkle is also the author of two other books — Mrs. Funnybones and The Legend of Laxmi Prasad.