Twinkle Khanna Takes a Dig at PM Modi, Netizens React

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently ‘meditated’ in a cave in Kedarnath, the pictures of which went viral, with many memes popping from them all over the internet.

Actor-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna was the latest to join the bandwagon, as she posted a photo which apparently poked fun at the prime minister’s photo of him meditating.

Twinkle posted a picture of herself ‘meditating’ in which she looks at the camera and smiles. She captioned the picture as, “Folks please sign up-After seeing so many spiritual images in the last few days-I am now starting a series of workshops ‘Meditation Photography-Poses and Angles’ I have a feeling after wedding photography this is going to be the next big thing :) #AJokeADayMayKeepJillSane

Here is how the internet reacted to the witty dig by Twinkle Khanna.

The ‘Chowkidars’ Weren’t Too Pleased.

Some questioned the “meditation aesthetics.”

Nehru Makes an Appearance Too

There was Also Appreciation...

Some users showed appreciation by adding their own take on the meditation-gate.

What do you think about Khanna’s subtle but savage post? Tell us in the comments!

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