Twice! Pep Guardiola's Reaction After Being Denied a Penalty is Internet's New Favourite Meme

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Manchester City lost 1-3 to Liverpool at Anfield in the Premier League but Pep Guardiola's reaction was the talking point of the game.

Refereeing has been in Guardiola's sights, especially after the introduction of VAR.

So what got Guardiola so worked up?

City not being awarded a penalty just before Liverpool raced up the other end and scored.

"Ask Mike Riley and the big bosses about that," Guardiola said, citing the league's head of refereeing. "Don't ask me."

Just five minutes into the game, Trent Alexander-Arnold's outstretched right arm handled the ball but it was not deemed to be deliberate.

But City midfielder Bernardo Silva had already helped the ball on with his hand, appearing to be in contravention of the new laws of the game against the attacker.

The shouts from a penalty were shooed away.

That was not all as lat in the game, Alexander-Arnold was again under the spotlight when the ball hit his hand. The referee looked the other yet again.

At this point, Guardiola had enough and he burst into rage at the fourth official Mike Dean.

He shouted, screamed and even held up two fingers to show how many times City were denied what had appeared to be strong claims for a penalty.

Social media had a field day at the expense of Guardiola:

The way he screams “TWICE” into the sky at the end

— Nooruddean (@BeardedGenius) November 10, 2019

Pep Guardiola, parenting: "I ASKED YOU TO MAKE YOUR BED, NOT ONCE, BUT..."

— Miriti Murungi (@NutmegRadio) November 10, 2019

When someone asks which of the Godfather trilogy is the

— Jonny Sharples (@JonnyGabriel) November 10, 2019

When someone asks me which High School Musical movie is the best:

— Ella Brockway (@ellabrockway) November 10, 2019

"How many did you lose by, Pep?"

— LFC Fans Corner (@LFCFansCorner) November 10, 2019

Hello Pep, how many teams are sandwiched between Liverpool and Manchester City?

— corner taken quickly (@ThoseScouseLads) November 10, 2019

When someone asks me which Toy Story is the best one

— Daisy Harding (@HaisyDarding) November 10, 2019

Guardiola approached the referee with a parting shot: "Thank you so much."

The Manchester City manager's comment in earshot of the onfield camera was dripping with disdain.

Regardless of later assurances to the media — "it was not sarcastic" — there was no doubting his irritation toward Michael Oliver after the loss to Liverpool.

And particularly after this third loss in 12 matches of the title defense left City nine points behind Premier League leader Liverpool in fourth place.

It could all be a smokescreen for a tilt at a third successive title fading, with 26 games still to play and Liverpool well placed to end a three-decade drought by sitting eight points ahead of Leicester and Chelsea.

"Always be positive and never give up, that's why we won back-to-back titles," Guardiola said after the match. "We want to fight until the end. We dropped points for our faults. For other things we cannot control."

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