Tweeple are busy participating in #SeduceSomeoneInFourWords, and it’s quite wholesome

Indians came up with their own desi things to seduce their significant others.

In today's world, where less is more, where everything is bound by limited characters, Twiiterati are just trying to woo someone using just four words. To convey their message, Twitter users from around the globe are pouring out four-word sentences to seduce someone.

With #SeduceSomeoneInFourWords, people on Twitterverse are sharing their best possible combination of four words that do the trick and seal the deal -- and it includes everything from Star Wars to Avengers, food, books and et al.

From cricketers to streaming services, everyone joined the bandwagon to promote what works for them and the trend is currently dominating trends worldwide.

Here are some of the interesting answers from the trend.