TV Actor Ansh Arora: I was Physically Assaulted and Tortured by the Ghaziabad Police Officers

Team Latestly
Ansh Arora recalls the incident when Ghaziabad police officers continued to beat him and his brother with a bat.

It wasn't a great night for Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Actor Ansh Arora when Ghaziabad police officers decided to thrash him over something as petty as a hot dog. In his conversation with Mid-Day, Ansh recalled the incident and described how the police officers continued to beat his little brother and him so much so that they had to be admitted in the ICU. It all started when the actor and his brother ordered food including a hotdog from a convenience store in Delhi. Despite paying the bill and everything being ready, the staff there asked him to wait for at least an hour. Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Ends! Kratika Dheer and Sharad Malhotra Bid Good-Bye to Fans With Emotional Posts.

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While the actor wasn't ready to wait and requested them to return his money, the staff simply wouldn't budge. "They said how can we take money from you without giving you the food? I said that means you want me to wait here. I questioned why they were not cancelling my order. And that is how the arguments started. We started abusing each other and I got angry and even banged my hand on the reception counter, breaking the glass."

The actor further claims that he returned to the store (with his brother) as he was guilty of the staff losing their money. When I reached home I felt bad. I thought the staff lost money because of me. So I decided to visit them again, apologise, and pay them. But they handed me over me to the police," Arora said. However, this time, the same staff wasn't willing to hear his apology. They called police officials, who then arrested him under Section 151 of CrPc (Arrest to prevent the commission of cognizable offence ).

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After their arrest, around 5-6 police officers beat them up with bat at the Indirapuram police station. While their mobile phones were already seized, the actor and his brother weren't even allowed to inform their family about the arrest. "When my brother was brought back to the cell, he was unable to walk and was howling and screaming in pain. After that, they dragged me from the cell to the same room and asked me to count till 40, and each time I reached 40, they hit me," Arora recalled. Fortunately, his family was able to locate their whereabouts and they bailed them out.

When Upendra Agarwal, SSP of Ghaziabad was asked about the incident, he said,  "As of now I am unaware about this incident. I will verify and inquire into it." It's certainly shocking to hear this entire incident and we wish him a speedy recovery.