'Turban Langar' becomes centre of attraction at Singhu Border

A group of volunteers from various parts of Punjab have started a 'Turban Langar' at the Singhu Border. The langar started on December 19 at Singhu Border. Men stood in line in front of the tent in order to participate in 'pagdi langar', with volunteers briskly tying the headgears. Among those lined up were not just regular turban wearers getting a fresh turban, but also those who wished to wear them in solidarity with the protesters. Speaking to ANI, Baljinder Singh said, "Our pride is turban so we are promoting turban and we are teaching people how to tie it. We are giving turbans for free as well so the enthusiasts can wear them." Explaining the significance of the turban in the farmers' protest, Baljinder added, 'Pagdi sambhal jatta' is a popular song in Punjab and it stands for fighting for our rights and to protect our dignity." A fellow volunteer from Jalalabad, Rachukaladia said, "Every one opens a langar but we have started Turban langar here at Singhu. Turban is regularly worn and it is important for all of us. Since morning we have started and we haven't counted how many we have used. We have a lot and the service will keep on going."