Tupac Shakur was arrested in Los Angeles last month and it is not a hoax

Ankita Mehta
Tupac Shakur

In a bizarre case, Tupac Shakur was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon in Los Angeles last month and it is not a hoax. However, the man who was booked is not the rapper Tupac Shakur (2Pac).

According to TMZ, authorities arrested a 45-year-old man claimed to be Tupac Amaru Shakur. Interestingly, the man not only shares name and middle name with 2Pac, but also his date of birth, June 16, 1971.

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But the authorities have told TMZ that the suspect's real name is Clarence Campbell and he uses Tupac Shakur as an alias. He has also used Tupac's name during multiple previous arrests, TMZ reported.

Tupac Shakur

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Conspiracy theories are constantly doing the rounds that rapper Tupac Shakur is still alive and Campbell using the rapper's name has further ignited a flurry of speculations. Tupac died 20 years ago, but several fans continue to believe that the rapper is not dead and that has given rise to some of the biggest conspiracy theories. Tupac's albums released after his death and photos of his lookalikes surfacing online have contributed to one of the biggest conspiracy theories that kept the rapper in news till date.

2Pac was shot on September 7, 1996, in Las Vegas, and he died six days later. His murder remained a mystery until recently when Marion 'Suge' Knight made a shocking revelation and stated that his ex-wife Sharitha and former security chief Reggie White Jr were behind Tupac's murder.

Marion 'Suge' Knight

After Suge's confession, a never-seen-before confession letter by a gunman was also released that further helped to solve the murder mystery. The gunman in the letter revealed the details of the night when Tupac was shot and said how "no-one would have made it out [alive]". The letter also revealed that White Jr informed the gunmen of Tupac's whereabouts.

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