Tupac Shakur's death: Never-seen-before letter by gunman gives CHILLING details of 2Pac's assassination

Ankita Mehta
Tupac Shakur

After Marion 'Suge' Knight's shocking revelation, now a never-seen-before confession letter by a gunman may help solve the rapper Tupac Shakur, popular as 2Pac, murder mystery. The confession letter also clears Suge in the murder mystery.

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US documentary maker and author RJ Bond showed the letter to The Sun. Bond claimed that the document reveals the names of those behind Tupac's murder. One of the gunmen, who opened fire on 2Pac on September 7, 1996, in Las Vegas, wrote the letter.

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A gang member, named Danny, gave the letter to a TV journalist, The Sun reported.

The letter, which has not been verified, reveals how the gunman was "told to take night out" a reference to Death Row Records boss Suge Knight. The letter also gives chilling details of the shooting and revealed how "no-one would have made it out [alive]".

The letter further reveals that Suge's former security chief, Reggie White Jr, informed the gunmen of Tupac's whereabouts. Tupac and Suge were together on the night of September 7 when the infamous assassination took place.

Marion 'Suge' Knight

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The letter also accused another up-and-coming rapper of the shooting, but the rapper's name could not be revealed for legal reasons.

Bond, the co-director of the documentary Tupac Assassination: Battle, revealed how he got access to the letter.

"It was given to a Fox reporter who was very keen on the story. A big TV interview was set up but he was a no show and the letter was then given to Russell Poole [a former LAPD police officer] and it was put in a file and not looked at for a long time," he told The Sun.

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"When I saw it, the name of Reginald Wright Jnr just leaps out of the page. It reads he gave up Tupac's location. My jaw just hit the floor when I read that."

Here is a transcription of the letter, obtained by The Sun.

There was a major problem with demo stilling (stealing). 2 song's that 2 pac came out with were written by XXXX XXXXX. XXXX XXXXX was a up and coming rap singer. He gave 4 demos to 2 pac to look over because he met 2pac at the Bonaventure hotel (Los Angeles). 2 pac promised that he would look over the demo's XXXX XXXXX never heard from 2 pac and 3 months later after 2pac received the demos the song brendas got a baby was released. Brendas got a baby was written by XXXX XXXXX. XXXX XXXXX let that slide, But he continued to go to different recording studios. Finally in 94 XXXX XXXX started making money. And he was sponsored mostly by sh night.What night did not know was that XXXX XXXX found out that he was being sold to XXXXX. There was a meeting in Reno. And XXXX XXXX and 2 pac had dispute about song's that were taken. XXXX XXXX was beaten down by 2 pac soldier's. as days whent by there was meetings with ICG – gear gang – gost town –front street -52 –A try hoovers – and south park. A bounty was put on 2pac and night. Mr. Writh Jr. gave info were 2 pac was going to be. There was 6 different baracade's that no matter what would have happened no one would of made it out. I was the shooter that was told to take night out. XXXX XXXXX was the one that took 2 pac out. As for gun that was used, will bedropped off at the security booth at fox 11. Please do not have stop or talk to one of droppin off the gun.

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