Tunday Kebabs in Slaughterhouse Crackdown: The Good, Bad & Hungry

From vehement opposition to seeking solace in humour – the responses to the slaughterhouse ban have been varied.

The crackdown on illegal slaughter houses imposed by the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government has taken a casualty that many are saddened by – the shutting down of Tunday Kebabs of Lucknow for a day due to unavailability of meat.

Even after the restaurant reopened the following day, one of the most popular beef delicacies was missing from the menu, causing fans of the nostalgic eatery a degree of heartburn. It triggered a flurry of responses from both supporters of the crackdown, and detractors.

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Vehement Opposition

There are those who maintain that while the absence of some Tunday kebab from the culinary circuit might not be a cause of worry in itself, the ban is symptomatic of a bigger problem.

The opinions did not stay confined to simply the ban, but extended to the Uttar Pradesh chief minister and the general political scenario of the country.

What’s the Big Deal?

The crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses has not led to any deaths (yet). It has saved the lives of many animals, if anything.

Thus, it was concluded that the ban is something people can live with.

People died following demonetisation and that was alright. So of course the country can live without slaughterhouses too. Besides, it’s only buffalo meat, isn’t it?

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Report On Real News, Journalists

The Indian media is full of anti-nationalists, sloths and fact-fabricators.

Therefore it was concluded they should find other topics and more important news to occupy themselves with.

Taking Comfort in Humour

Some took repose in laughing at the developments that are garnering so much anguised attention.

Down With Kebabs, Down with Muslims... and Terrorism Too

Some responses implied that kebabs and Muslims are synonymous, along with terrorism, and hence, down with all of them.

Animal Love FTW

Needless to say, one group that is particularly happy about this are the animal lovers. Fewer animals killed is, at least, a nice thing.