Tulsidas Gifted The World Ramayana

Tulsidas Gifted The World Ramayana

Tulsidas, popularly known as Goswami Tulsidas was a great Indian saint, poet and a reformer. He was born to a Brahmin couple in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh but soon lost his parents and was brought up by a saint Narharidas.

Many consider him to be the reincarnation of Valmiki who had penned Ramayana in its original Sanskrit form. Tulsidas is also believed to have written the sacred Hanuman Chalisa

. Not just this, he also founded the Sankat Mochan temple which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Tulsidas Jayanti is celebrated in the auspicious month of Shravan. Tulsidas was a contemporary of Emperor Akbar. It is believed that once his wife chided him and that made him realize his love for God, he renounced the world and went to Varanasi. He meditated on the banks of river Ganges and it is the same place where he wrote Ramcharitmanas. It is on this day that universities across India and even abroad celebrate the great poet and his teachings. Temples of Lord Rama are decorated and prayers are offered to Goswami Tulsidas for enabling people to understand the Epic Ramayana in Hindi. On Tulsidas Jayanti, his scriptures and Ramcharitmanas are recited with love and devotion.  

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Interesting anecdote

In a very interesting incident as described by Priyadas, Akbar, the then Emperor of Delhi, asked his soldiers to summon Tulsidas to his court after hearing that he brought a dead man alive with the power of his meditation and faith in Lord Rama. But Tulsidas refused to come and was forcibly brought to Akbar’s court. Akbar asked him to perform a similar miracle to which Tulsi Das claimed that he knew no miracle but knew just ‘Ram’. Tulsidas was imprisoned at Fatehpur Sikri where he drafted Hanuman Chalisa in 40 days and within that time hundreds of monkeys entered every nook and corner of Fatehpur Sikri. They even entered Akbar’s harem. It was then that a sufi informed Akbar that all this is happening because of a prisoner. Then Akbar instantly bowed before Tulsidas and issued an order that the Hindu believers of Rama, Hanuman and other Hindu Gods should not be harassed.