Truth Over Flies: Joe Biden Just Sold 35,000 Swatters After a Fly Landed on Mike Pence's Head

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A fly came and sat on the head of the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence during the Vice Presidential debate and it managed to gain more traction than most of the arguments made in the debate.

Now, it seems, Joe Biden’s campaign also profited on the viral issue. According to reports, Biden’s campaign has sold 35,000 fly swatters within hours after the debate.

Bloomberg credited a Biden staffer to report that a blue fly-swatter was made by them that carried the phrase ‘Truth Over Flies’ on it.

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By midnight, the Biden staffer tweeted that the campaign had already sold 15,000 of the fly swatters. These were reportedly sold for $10 each and by the next morning, the entire lot was sold out.

The report added that this is not the first time that the Biden campaign has profited off campaign gaffes made from Donal Trump’s side.

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The campaign had popularized the “I Paid More Taxes Than Donald Trump” buttons the same day as a report by the New York Times reported that the incumbent president of the United States had paid only $750 in taxes some years and none in others.

Twitter users went gaga over the common housefly which kept sitting on Pence’s head for several minutes. More than the points made by Senator Kamala Harris in the debate or Pence’s defence to the same, the fly became a trending topic.

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A user has even created a Twitter account for the famous fly. The account that goes by the name Mike Pence’s fly has tweeted a few tweets to express its feelings and objects of fancy.