A truncated IPL likely in October

Suromitro Basu


2019 IPL Final - Mumbai v Chennai

IPL franchise officials have told Sportskeeda that the T20 league hasn't yet been ruled out, despite the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak. This has come shortly after Rajasthan Royals’ promoter Manoj Badale hinted at a shortened IPL in October later this year.

“The team owners have told their staff that IPL isn’t ruled out this year. It could still happen as early as September/October,” a team official said.

Even a top board official admitted that while the IPL may not happen in the summer, it is not cancelled yet.

“It is incorrect to say that IPL is cancelled for the year. The board is committed to staging the event because a lot of money is riding on it. It is not about the BCCI alone, the suppliers, vendors and all other stakeholders are waiting for this event to happen,” the BCCI official said.

The board is finding it difficult to get a window for the T20 league, after missing the summer schedule. A truncated season could be the only way to tackle this problem, and the BCCI has been in touch with other Test-playing nations to hash out the details.

“It is also believed that if India can beat COVID-19 virus, IPL would be the perfect launching pad for all sports events,” the official added with simmering emotions.

That said, the BCCI would not be willing to commit anything until the health situation improves in the world. “It is not about India alone. To make IPL a success, BCCI needs full participation from the foreign cricketers and till the world situation improves, allowing foreign cricketers isn’t safe either,” the official added.