PM Modi counters critics on demonetisation; Congress gives Pakistan a handle | Top Headlines

Top Headlines of the Hour:

1) Youth Congress spokesperson Jahanzeb Sirwal lauded Joe Biden and stated that his victory could have a positive impact on the politics in Jammu & Kashmir.

2) On demonetisation's fourth anniversary, the opposition has mounted an attack on NDA Government. PM Narendra Modi hits back with facts.

3) The Pakistan Radio has tweeted about Congress’ protest which was held in Jammu & Kashmir yesterday.

4) While Uttar Pradesh is all set to launch a website for celebrating Diwali, other BJP rules States are taking a U-Turn on their promise to ban firecrackers.

5) Delhi’s air quality continues to deteriorate, the National Capital is now fighting two major crises of pollution and COVID.

6) Newly elected President Joe Biden delivers his first speech after victory, seeks to become a unity symbol in the nation.

7) Newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris delivers her first speech after victory, invokes Indian heritage.