Trump's 'Impenetrable' US-Mexico Border Wall's Replica Scaled by 8-Year-Old

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US President Donald Trump has been adamant about the construction of US Mexico Border Wall to prevent unlawful immigration. In fact he has even called the design of the wall to be “virtually impenetrable” while visiting San Diego in September 2019.

Rick Weber, co-founder of the Muir Valley rock climbing park in Rogers, Kentucky, was listening to Trump’s claims very carefully. And then he actually took the President’s claim as a challenge. He constructed his own replica of the wall, relying on the wall’s official dimensions as well as recent images of the structure.

“You don’t tell a bona fide rock climber something’s impossible to climb,” Weber tells TIME.

Several people have already managed to climb up the wall replica, including 8-year-old Lucy Hancock. Hancock didn’t use any ropes or other tools to climb the wall, but wore a belay, a safety device designed to catch a falling climber. Lucy declared it a 5.7 on the difficulty scale.

Lucy’s mother, Karla Hancock, told TIME that her daughter has shown a natural inclination toward politics and rock climbing from a young age. Recently, Karla says Lucy has been interested in immigration, although the third-grader has found the national dialogue about immigration policy to be confusing.

An adult climber, Erik Kloeker, was up and over the wall in about 40 seconds.