Trump's Chief of Staff Who Attended Events Without Mask is Covid Positive and Nobody is Surprised

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"I'm not going to talk through a mask."

As daily COVID-19 cases keep piling up in the US, Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows testing positive for the infection hasn't come as a shocker to the citizens.

Two senior administration officials confirmed Friday that Meadows had tested positive for the virus, which has killed more than 236,000 Americans so far this year.

Meadows travelled with Trump in the run-up to Election Day and last appeared in public early Wednesday morning without a mask as Trump falsely declared victory in the vote count.

Soon after the news broke out on social media, many users dug up the recent incidents wherein Meadows had refrained from wearing a facemask. In a brief interaction with media, Meadows turned down speaking to the journalists while wearing the protective gear.

While others feared that Trump's aide could end up being a super spreader as he attended several US Elections 2020 events along with the President.

Another Twitter user shared a snippet of former US President Barack Obama slamming Meadows over his statement on the pandemic.

Meadows had been one of the close aides around Trump when the president came down with the virus more than a month ago, but was tested daily and maintained his regular work schedule.

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