Trump Has Worst Approval Rating Ever and No, It’s Not Fake News!

A joint survey carried out by The Washington Post and ABC News revealed that only 36 percent Americans think US President Donald Trump has performed well as the nation’s leader.

The poll is an assessment of Trump’s performance in the first six months since he took office. The results have shown the lowest rating of any American president since the poll’s inception in the 1940s, reported The Independent. A total of 58 percent disapproved of him, most of them “strongly”, said the report.

Trump is followed by Gerald Ford, who received an approval rating of 39 percent in 1975 after half a year of being the US President.

Another 48 percent people participating in the survey thought that the US’s position in the race of world leaders has fallen under Trump’s leadership; a meagre 27 percent said it has improved.

Additionally, 63 percent people thought that Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer was “inappropriate”.

Trump responded to the results on Twitter and said:

And commenting on the Trump Jr controversy, he took refuge in a familiar argument.

Trump Jr, however, has acknowledged that he met shortly after that email exchange with a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, during the presidential campaign with the understanding that the attorney would provide damaging information on Clinton.

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(With inputs from The Independent, The Washington Post and ABC News)

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