Trump Trolled for Sharing 'Ridiculous' Meme with Photoshopped Image of Obama Spying on Him

United States President Donald Trump is not afraid of making a fool of himself on social media. From random and unverified facts, rants against his dissenters to unceremonious memes and jokes, Trump has done it all.

Even as the world turned a decade older a few weeks back, however, Trump seems to be stuck in pre-2016 years when Barack Obama was still the President. Or so it would seem from a recent meme that the POTUS shared featuring a photoshopped image of Obama and himself.

In the fake image, Trump can be seen standing while leaning against a wall inside a white room while Obama peered from outside the window with a pair of binoculars. The meme was supposedly meant to symbolise that Obama spied on Trump, an allegation Trump administration had made in May 2018 in what came to be known as 'Spygate'.

At the time and repeatedly since, Trump alleged the FBI used "spies" against him during his Presidential campaign and that Obama used the FBI to tap Trump's calls and emails. In November last year, US Justice Department's inspector general found no evidence to substantiate Trump's claims.

Nevertheless, it seems Trump still holds on to his allegations, even as the Obama meme went viral on social media.

While it is not unusual to find the POTUS engaging in questionable activities on Twitter (rampant blocking of dissenters, throwing shade at young climate activists and 'Covfefe' being cases in point), his latest meme insulting Obama has earned him a fresh round of disapproval and ridicule.

The tweet comes in the run up to the US Presidential Elections 2020 that will see the Republican contesting elections in an attempt to consolidate a second term in office.