Trump says has not agreed to roll back tariffs on China

President Donald Trump on Friday told reporters he has not agreed to roll back tariffs on China.


"Well they'd like to have a roll-back. I haven't agreed to anything. China would like to get somewhat of a roll-back, not a complete roll-back, because they know I won't do it."

Those remarks in stark contrast with the message just a day earlier.

Officials from both countries on Thursday said China and the United States have agreed to roll back tariffs on each others' goods in a "phase one" trade deal if it is completed.

The Chinese Commerce Ministry, without laying out a timetable, said the two countries had agreed to cancel the tariffs in phases.

A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the rollback would be part of the first phase of a trade agreement that is still being put to paper for Trump and President Xi Jinping to sign.

Reuters reported Thursday the plan faced stiff internal opposition from some in the U.S. administration.


"China would like to make a deal much more than I would."

Trump's words Friday morning undercut investors' hopes a U.S.-China trade deal might soon lift the shadow of uncertainty brought on by the trade war.