Trump Sat Behind a Tiny Desk for Thanksgiving Speech and Internet Went Big With Memes

Buzz Staff
·3-min read

Besides playing golf, US President Donald Trump finally had something else to do — a Thanksgiving press conference.

During the press conference at his residence, Trump sat behind an unusually small desk and it immediately caught everyone's attention.

In the setup, there also appeared a strange, naked Christmas tree behind the Republican leader-- making his public appearance stand out, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

The "baby desk" is said to be generally used when the president signs any official document for people. It's more like a setup where people can crowd around for a photo op, but it's definitely not meant for sitting alone as pointed out by a Twitter user.

However, netizens still couldn't wrap their heads around the fact as to why Trump decided to sit behind the 'tiny desk' while he wasn't even passing any law or signing papers. The strange choice of Trump was quick enough to flood Twitter with jokes and hilarious reactions.

Few even compared it with a scene from a 2017 Saturday Night Live (SNL) episode.

Earlier, Trump participated in the annual turkey pardon event in view of Thanksgiving. Alongside wishing all Americans a 'Happy Thanksgiving', the president was believed to have also made a veiled attack at his former Defense Secretary James Mattis.

What was his first official public appearance after the US presidential elections, Trump was seen in a good mood while pardoning the lives of turkey Corn and its understudy Cob at the White House Rose Garden with about 100 people in the audience.