Trump Recalls Cake in Vivid Detail, Forgets What Country He Bombed

President Trump will be attending regional summits and discuss North Korean nuclear trade during his visit.

After launching 59 missiles on the Syrian airbase, a chuffed US President Donald Trump told the world that he could not see “innocent, beautiful babies” slaughtered.

Now, in an interview with Fox News, he got candid about the moments leading to the missile launch. Talking to Maria Bartiromo, he said that he was having dinner with Chinese President with Xi Jinping and had just started having “a beautiful chocolate cake”, when the generals told him that the ships were “locked and loaded” for the attack.

He then said they launched “59 missiles heading to Iraq”.

Bartiromo corrected him saying they were heading to Syria, which Trump took note of matter-of-factly and then continued with what the Xi Jinping said to him after that.