Trump is likely to visit India in February, dates may change depending on his senate trail

Officials from Delhi and Washington are trying to figure out convenient dates for the US President Trump to visit India after Trump had expressed his inability to attend the Republic Day parade in Delhi, reported the Hindustan Times.

According to the paper’s sources, the visit may happen in the second half of February depending on Trump’s Senate trial dates.

According to the White House, Trump was unable to attend the Republic Day parade last year due to scheduling constraints. Prime Minister Modi had invited him for a bilateral visit during their talks in Washington.

Trump had said last year, “I will be going at some point to India,” to reporters about teh standing invitation from PM Modi.

Trump was reinvited by defence minister Rajnath Singh and external affairs minister S Jaishankar after their meeting their American counterparts Mark Esper and Mike Pompeo. Trump had responded positively to the invitation, a source who is aware of the developments of the visit said that both the countries are in talks to fix convenient dates for both countries.

The House of Representatives, where the Democrats enjoy a majority, had impeached Trump last month. Now, the Senate, where the Republicans are in majority, needs to put Trump on trial before he can be removed from the White House. The Republicans are alleging hat she is holding on to the articles of impeachment. Denying the accusations, Pelosi said, "No. I'm not withholding indefinitely".

"I will send them over when I'm ready. And, that will probably be soon," the speaker of the house of representatives told reporters during her weekly news conference.

With inputs from PTI